Sushi Combinations

SPICY TUNA SALAD (spicy tuna, avocado, seaweed salad) $15.50

SUSHI REGULAR (7 pieces of nigiri sushi and a tekka maki) $19.25

SUSHI SPECIAL (9 pieces of nigiri sushi and a tekka maki) $21.50

SUSHI & SASHIMI COMBO (5pc nigiri sushi, 6pc sashimi, and a california maki) $26.25

OMAKASE (traditional japanese order of letting the Chef decide your plate) $26.25

Choice of spicy, mild, or not spicy

SUSHI DELUXE FOR 2 (16 pieces of Chef's choice of nigiri with tekka and california maki) $36.00

SUSHI & SASHIMI COMBO FOR 2 (16pc nigiri sushi, 10pc sashimi, california maki, and shrimp tempura maki) $60.00

TEKKA DON (Thinly sliced fresh tuna over sushi rice) $26.25

CHIRASHI (assorted sliced fresh fish over sushi rice) $22.75

SAKE DON (Thinly sliced fresh salmon over sushi rice) $26.25

HWAE DUP BOP (salad of fresh fish and vegetables over rice with our spicy sauce) $21.50

Choice of spicy or no spicy


  • Medium (about 12 pieces) $26.25
  • Medium Tuna or Salmon Only $36.00
  • Large (about 24 pieces) $43.00
  • Deluxe (about 36 pieces) $60.00